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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  July 19, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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bayview. why police are more confident that the suspect fired at them. good morning on this july 19th. it's tuesday, i'm grace lee. frank is still off this week. put we have a check of traffic and weather. kristy joins us now to tell us what we have in store on this day. sun i hear. >> sun, absolutely, is in the forecast today, grace, and warmer temperatures. san francisco actually going to be about two degrees above average for this time year. oakland 74 today, san jose 81, concord 84 plenty of sunshine all over the bay. we'll have a full look at the forecast for today and over the next couple of days in just a bit but let's go to gianna and see how traffic's doing. >> traffic is starting to stack up as you work your way out of the altamont pass. let's go live right now to 580 westbound. we are seeing some extra volume pretty much from the altamont pass all the way into 680. new reports of an accident on 880 in oakland. i'll have details on that coming up in just a few minutes. right now, a search is in progress for a windsurfer who is missing in san francisco bay. the coast guard has been looking for her all night by
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boat and helicopter. this morning anser hassan spoke with the missing woman's husband and joins us now by phone. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are at yerba buena island where heather lambert of the coast guard will give a press conference with the latest updates. we speak with the husband steve of the missing windsurfer. her name is cassie. she is 62. his concerns are her age and her health. he says no matter how experienced his wife is, apparently she has been surfing for quite a while, that the her age it can be difficult. there are strong currents in the bay this morning. it was also dark. daylight now but overnight he was concerned that being dark it could be difficult for anybody no matter how old. he also has concerns about her health since she was undergoing chemotherapy. he didn't go into specifics. but, you know, being dark, her
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health and her age, three issues that he was concerned about but the coast guard seems to be pretty optimistic. they are still calling this a search-and-rescue mission. they have two boats in the ocean right now and a helicopter overhead searching for cassie. we also are told that the shoreline search is called on for all the neighboring cities such as foster city, alameda, that once daylight breaks to have fire and police crews go out and see if any missing articles or any clues for cassie can be found. we do know that she is an experienced windsurfer. she has a wet suit on, flotation device. so she knows what she is doing out there. so it may just be the elements and her age that she is dealing with this morning. >> i know the coast guard has been searching for her all night. they are waiting for a press conference to get the latest.
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but do we expect them to ramp up the search efforts as day breaks and they have the sun to help them out? >> reporter: you know, i think they won't be wrapping up. they will be gearing up a little more now that it's daybreak. we are outside -- it's pretty foggy out here. but i think more search-and- rescue crews will go out. i think the coast guard earlier when i spoke with them said they will probably send out some more crews. so we'll get an update in a few minutes and we'll bring you the very latest as soon as we have it. >> i said ramp up but not wrap up. we'll expect more for you as the morning progresses. thank you, anser hassan. a friend of one of the seven fish american missing off baja, california is not giving up. she tells the santa rosa press democrat that she is raising money to pay for a private dive team. laurie goldbeck wants to find sean chattic of petaluma. he has been missing since the boat he was on sank on july 3. the u.s. coast guard and the
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mexican navy suspended searches officially last week after covering 7,000 square miles and seeing no sign of them. san francisco police say that they have proof that a teenager they killed fired at them first but some people are upset that the shooting happened in their neighborhood at all. elizabeth wenger is in the bayview district where a town hall meeting will take place tomorrow and i know, residents there are looking for answers, elizabeth. >> reporter: they are. this is the police -- the police department's opportunity now to kind of set the facts straight. they are hosting this town hall meeting right here at the bayview operahouse where we are standing in front of. 6:00 tomorrow, yeah, this has really divided the community. a lot of people are concerned of this officer-involved shooting that police shouldn't have shot and killed. other people are concerned because they say the suspect was unarmed. so a still a lot of unanswered quells. police held a news conference yesterday. they say they have proof that
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this man you're looking at here 19-year-old kenneth harding was the first person to fire. in a news conference police also released audio of the actual sound of the shootout between police and the suspects on saturday night. [ sound of gunfire ] >> reporter: ten shots in total. police say the first shot was from harding. some witnesses say he was unarmed. police recovered a gun. a man in the crowd picked up a weapon and walked away. police got it back later and are testing it forensically to see if it was the weapon fired by the suspects. meanwhile, at a rally in the bayview yesterday, people expressed their growing rage over what happened. >> what the people is really angry about is the way after he was shot and laying down there bleeding viciously in front of everybody. that's the uproar is about. >> i been hearing a lot of stories. all i know is whatever it is, it has to stop because more people will die. >> reporter: meanwhile, we are getting a lot of new
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information about the man who was shot kenneth harding. he has a long criminal history, officials like child rape and attempt to force a 14-year-old into prostitution. some residents say it doesn't matter what harding's criminal record is, this is just police's attempt to discredit the victim. so again a lot of the facts are going to be hopefully straightened out here at this town hall meeting tomorrow night here at the bayview operahouse and, of course, we'll bring much more on this story in the coming days. grace, back to you. >> all right. elizabeth wenger in san francisco, thank you. 6:06. jury selection is the first order of business as a former santa clara police officer goes on trial in san jose today. 37-year-old clay rojas is facing a dozen counts following a federal grand jury indictment last year. he is accused of providing confidential law enforcement information to a member of the hell's angels to pay off a debt. the "mercury news" reports that
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suspected hell's angels member william bettencourt will be tried separately on related charges. let's check traffic and weather. kristy, maybe we can take our coats off today? >> yeah. it actually is mild. some people are seeing temperatures in the 60s still as you step outside so don't need a coat for that and for the most part, we are going to see pleasant conditions this afternoon. seeing some cloud cover along the bay shores inland partly cloudy and, of course, seeing some clouds along the coast, patchy fog there as well but that marine layer is shallow and so we are going to see warmer temperatures by this afternoon. temperatures outside now on the warmer side relatively speaking . 57 in san rafael and 57 in fairfield. 58 in oakland and 60 in livermore. those highs for today hitting 80s inland. 70s around the bay shores. 60s at the coast, plenty of sun. we'll have a full look at the extended forecast in a bit. over to gianna with a look at traffic. >> we have this accident on 880 and it's actually starting to cause a bit of a backup.
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so this is north 880 at 98th. overturned vehicle blocking one right lane and one left lane. chp and crews just arriving. there are injuries reported. again we are starting to see a backup through there so give yourself some extra time. 880 where traffic -- they moved the camera. you can see the accident there in the camera so again, blocking lanes. give yourself some extra time there. we'll check the bay bridge coming up. right now back to you guys. >> thank you. a scandal reaching the highest levels of government. the much awaited testimony today into allegations of phone hacking. plus, don't text and walk or else you could get fined. how much citations will cost for you die-hard texters. and move over, big brother. the confession parents are making for signing onto facebook up next. ,,
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held into the phone hacking scan right now, british parliament hearings are being held in the phone hacking scandal. we're looking live as all these questions that are going on. media mogul rupert murdock murdock and his son are answering questions as we mentioned and they will be
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answering questions all day long along with the ceo of -- the former ceo, rebekah brooks, of "news of the world." just a short time ago, here's james murdock when he arrived at the parliament building in london. a little different than when his father arrived. his car is better known and his father's car was swarmed by members of the media as he made his way to today's proceedings. as charlie d'agata reports from london, today's testimony comes one day after the mysterious death of a key whistle-blower. reporter: now it's rupert murdock himself who takes center stage in the unfolding hacking drama that has engulfed his empire. >> for critics of rupert murdock this is the best thing that could happen. this is the best case they have ever had to argue against murdock and say he has too much power. >> reporter: murdock and his son james will tell british lawmakers how much they knew about allegations their journalists tapped into voicemails and regularly paid off police. so will former british ceo rebekah brooks, who police are
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already investigating. the controversy has forced the head of scotland yard and his deputy to resign over their alleged links to a former murdoch executive. the scandal has reached the highest levels of the british government, with opposition leaders saying the prime minister himself has questions to answer about his close ties to the murdock empire. >> but at the moment, he seems unable to provide the leadership the country needs. >> reporter: rebekah brooks is a friend and neighbor to the prime minister. the pair met repeatedly since cameron took office 14 months ago. the prime minister cut short a trip to africa and called for an emergency session of parliament. in a further twist to the scandal, police found one of the first whistle-blowers about hacking dead at his home. police are calling sean hoare's death unexplained but not suspicious. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. all right. 6:13 now. one year after a freak
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accident, a paralyzed bride is set to tie the knot. what is so surprising about one of her bridesmaids. and it's a question everyone wants to know. where is casey anthony? the signs she might be right here in california. we also have breaking news on the missing windsurfer. we'll tell you an update coming up. we are cleared for take-off this morning out of sfo. finally seeing some sunshine and seeing warmer temperatures, actually keeping them above average for this time year by a couple of degrees, 73 there today. and different conditions as you make your way to the east and landing in chicago. there a little warmer at 86. and we are seeing storms there and also seeing a slight chance of some thunderstorms. making your way to new york, more hot weather in store. actually going to be in the 90s there today but good news no wet weather mostly sunny skies. we'll have a full look at your bay area forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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windsurfer. anser we have breaking news to tell you about. the coast guard has just found the missing windsurfer. she has been missing for about 13 hours now. anser hassan. we hear she is alive and well. amazing. >> reporter: absolutely. we are joined with heather
6:18 am
lambert from the u.s. coast guard. they just got the call that their helicopter has rescued 62- year-old cassie kattan. they said it was the warm water that may have helped. good morning, heather. thanks for joining us. what do we know at this point about her health. >> these in good and stable conditions. the warm calm water helped. we had great visibility to help in this search. so we had a successful search. >> reporter: i know you're here at yerba buena island and she was found by foster city. what happened? did they see somebody floating? did they get a call from her radio? how did you find her? >> we located her, she was on the north span of the san mateo bridge. so one of the helicopters spotted her because we sent helicopters at first light again. we searched all night from coyote point up to san mateo. so she was found in the area we have been searching.
6:19 am
we did an 82-square-nautical- mile search so we are just very happy that she was -- the helicopter spotted her and that she was found in great condition. >> reporter: i'm sure her family is, as well. i know her husband is over at foster city. have you had a chance to talk to her? will she go to the hospital? what happens from here? >> we haven't been able to talk to her yet. she will probably be taken to the hospital for evaluation. but other than that we don't have any other details. >> reporter: now, again, i know you're here and you haven't had a chance to talk to her, but she's 62 years old. we know that she has some health issues. she is going through chemotherapy. this is an amazing story that she made it almost 12 hours after she had gone missing. >> it is. it's a very amazing story and again, the -- we definitely knew her survival rate was up because of the warm water temperatures. she was a very strong swimmer and avid windsurfer so she was very conditioned for the sport which definitely helped but this is a great reminder to the public and to anybody that does
6:20 am
participate wearing your reflective life jackets in this case possibly having distress layers and carrying an emergency positioning device. >> reporter: thank you. so grace there it is. cassie a 62-year-old windsurfer set out last night at 5 p.m., went missing and was found alive. >> do they have any word about whether she was on the board or in a life jacket how she stayed afloat for so long? she was in a wet suit with helped with temperatures. >> reporter: she had a flotation device on her, as well. i'm not sure if they found the board. my understanding is that she may have separated from the board at some point during the night. so it may be that flotation device that kept her afloat and her wet suit that kept her warm. of course, we'll try and get all those details and bring the latest as soon as we get them.
6:21 am
>> thank you, anser hassan. let's check traffic and weather. kristy, i don't know if you heard them talking about, but they are talking about one of the reasons she survived is because of the warm water, great visibility, great weather conditions helping with the rescue. >> definitely in keeping with the weather we'll see now and over the next couple of days. definitely warmer. outside mild in spots in the 60s. patchy fog at the coast and clouds at the bay shores, warming up nicely this afternoon. the marine layer is not very dense today so we'll see plenty of sunshine, temperatures in the high 80s inland. mid-70s around the bay, mix of sun and clouds at the coast and a little warm there are today, as well. as this high pressure builds in, we continue to see those warm temperatures and getting even a few degrees warmer tomorrow even breaking some seasonal temperatures today like in san francisco. but 78 in fremont as a high today, 84 milpitas, 82 for cupertino and campbell, 84 redwood city. also seeing warm temperatures inland, in the east bay antioch
6:22 am
for 86. 83 in danville, 76 san leandro and hayward, 71 in richmond. san rafael 80 today. santa rosa 83. oakland 87 so close to those 90s but not quite there yet. and 77 as a high in mill valley. so you can see pleasant weather all over the bay area. temperatures breaking into those mid-90s finally tomorrow. and then into thursday seeing more 90s and then a slight cooldown for friday and saturday. certainly at the coastline and then a pleasant start to next workweek, as well. that's a look at your forecast. over to gianna with a look at traffic. >> thank you, kristy. we are going to take you live now to 880 northbound. we have a camera -- or a picture here in regards to this accident. you can see those flashing lights there in the distance. this is an accident involving an overturned vehicle with injuries. northbound 880 right at 98th, chp and crews are still on scene there. they have the right lane and the left lanes blocked so looks like they are trying to get everything over to the right shoulder. traffic is slow as a result. last check backed up to at least marina and you can see there 20 minutes north 880 from
6:23 am
238 to the maze so give yourself some extra time. that backup last check at marina. past the accident clear into the maze and towards the bay bridge. elsewhere westbound 80 at meridien this accident in lanes is cleared to the right shoulder. activity on scene causing slight spectator slowing slowing approaching the accident. south bay another wreck, northbound 87 at curtner injury accident blocking the off-ramp but we are seeing some slight delays here on our sensors along guadalupe parkway. so that may also be causing some slow and go conditions on the freeway itself. but again most of the activity is over to the off-ramp. now, the rest of the south bay problem-free, no delays north 101, and northbound 280 looking pretty good so far through downtown san jose. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. casey anthony the florida woman acquitted of killing her daughter may now be in southern california. she walked free from a jail in orlando on sunday.
6:24 am
now online reports say that she may have flown to palm springs. there is even a flight itinerary with her name on it. you can see it right there. there is a rumor that she traveled with one of her attorneys who has two homes in the southland. texting while walking could soon get you a hefty fine in philadelphia. that city is running a program this summer called give respect get respect. it includes crackdowns on bad behavior by drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. so those caught texting while walking could get hit with a $120 fine if they are not paying attention to where they are going. get you for anything these days. 6:24. chances are you are being watching on facebook probably not from the people you expect. >> check out another wall of dust taking over phoenix. why these types of storms only happen in arizona. we'll also tell you what they're called. whoa!! the really big chicken sandwich combo is back!
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facebook. a majority admit ing on their kids! it looks like we know the real reason that a lot of parents are on facebook. the majority say they are spying on their children. according to a recent survey by an internet security firm, 55% of u.s. mothers and fathers say the only real reason they are on facebook is to keep an eye on their children and others say it's the only way to find out what they are up to and others say it helped them avoid having awkward conversations.
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a north carolina woman is finally getting her day in white. on friday, rebecca friedman is going to marry her college sweetheart. 259-year-old bride was -- the 25-year-old bride was paralyzed in a poolside horse play accident at a bachelorette party last year. a bridesmaid pulled a prank and pushed her into the shallow end in a freak accident. friedman refuses to identify the bridesmaid but says she is going to her own wedding. so congrats to her. 6:28 now. coming up, we continue to follow that breaking news that we just told you about. a windsurfer who went missing in the san francisco bay has now been found alive and well. we'll have details on that story. 62-year-old kathy is found alive after a 12-hour search. we'll have the latest on her condition and what happens next coming up. and a growing sense of rage here in san francisco's bayview district after a weekend officer-involved shooting. what police are doing now to provide answers. ,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a dramatic rescue on the san good morning. i'm grace lee. we begin with breaking news. a dramatic rescue in the san francisco bay. a windsurfer who was missing all night has been found alive and in good condition. she was missing for about 13 hours. the coast guard just confirmed that a few minutes ago. anser hassan is at yerba buena
6:32 am
island with the very latest. anser, what happened? >> reporter: good morning, grace. yeah, well, what happened is a pretty remarkable story. the 62-year-old woman went missing last night at 5 p.m., search began at about 7 p.m. around 6:30 this morning the coast guard helicopter spotted her off the shores of foster city. they went in and pulled her out. now she is being transported to air station next to sfo. what will happen there is upon landing, the paramedics will check her out to see if she is okay to be released but chances are given her age, she is 62, been in the water for over 13 hours, she will probably be taken to the closest hospital to be checked out. now, we spoke with her husband earlier this morning. he was obviously very concerned. the coast guard is telling us now that he is elated. he is ecstatic to find his wife alive. he had returned to the scene at foster city this morning
6:33 am
recovering her belongings.the 62-year-old has been found alive. she was suffering from some health issues. we know she is undergoing chemotherapy. but to survive over 13 hours in the san francisco bay is a big deal. coast guard said one of the reasons is the water was pretty warm and calm, which helped in their search. grace? >> they also didn't give up. they searched all night by air and water, right? >> reporter: that's right. in fact, the helicopter was out all night. the coast guard had two boats in the ocean. and they had also called all the cities who have shores that touched the san francisco bay along foster city, alameda, to send out search-and-rescue crews at daybreak to help in the effort. but thankfully they weren't needed as the u.s. coast guard helicopter spotted her and now taking her to be checked out by paramedics near sfo. >> i'm sure she has quite the story to tell. anser hassan at yerba buena island, thank you for the latest. in the meantime san francisco police say that they
6:34 am
have proof that a teenager they killed fired at them first. some people are angry that the shooting happened in their neighborhood at all. elizabeth wenger is in the bayview district and we are expecting a town hall meeting. those residents are really looking for some answers, aren't they, elizabeth? >> reporter: they are. police are hoping to set some of the facts straight. as you said, lots of unanswered questions with this officer- involved shooting that happened over the weekend here in the city's bayview district. signs like this one ask for the community's help. there is a tip line. people can call if they witnessed anything. there's going to be a town hall meeting here in front of the bayview operahouse tomorrow evening at 6:00. police say they have proof this man 19-year-old kenneth harding fired at them first. in a news conference police released audio of the actual sound of the shootout between police and the suspect saturday night. ten shots in total. police say the first shot came from harding. now, much of the aftermath was also captured on cell phone,
6:35 am
later posted to youtube. the 19-year-old had a long record, already convicted of the rape of a minor and an attempt to force a 14-year-old into prostitution. seattle police also confirm harding was a person of interest in the murder of a 19- year-old woman just days before he was shot and killed in san francisco. meanwhile, there is a real sense of anger that's been growing in this community. bayview residents held a rally yesterday saying that harding's criminal record is not important to this case. >> i'm not condoning what the police did by far. i don't want to see nobody getting hurt. but you know, you somebody who has a criminal record -- how can you -- you know, you can't -- you can't protect the criminals. >> as they're chasing him and they are fired upon, they knew that their lives were in jeopardy and at which point they returned fire. >> reporter: part of the division comes from there's a lot of different reasons why people are angry. some say -- some are angry because they say that harding,
6:36 am
the suspect, was unarmed. others are angry because they say police shot into a busy area. police were able to recover a weapon, a .45-caliber handgun. a bystander picked it up at the scene and police recovered it later. that weapon is undergoing a forensic test right now. so there's still no 100% certainty that that was the weapon used by harding at the scene of this weekend officer- involved shooting. back to you. >> thank you. 6:36. on the hot seat right now, media mogul rupert murdock and his son james before the british parliament. let's take live look at what's going on with the proceedings. apparently they are going to be answering all kinds of lawmakers' questions about the phone hacking scandal. that scandal has plagued the family's news corp empire. the murdocks and their former uk newspaper's ceo rebekah brooks had originally said no to parliament but now they are expected to answer a lot of
6:37 am
questions. lawmakers are also holding a separate hearing today to question london police. this is about reports that they took bribes from journalists in exchange for inside information. we'll follow this story throughout the morning. right now we want to go back to the story just about the missing wind surfer who was found because apparent the conditions really helped her out. the warm waters helped her survive. >> absolutely. the mouth of the golden gate bridge in the 50s. inside the bay, definitely warmer there. we are talking temperatures mid- to high 60s so that warm water certainly helped her, calm conditions in the water and sea breezes, you know, we're looking at below 5 miles an hour. so those conditions are all very favorable to helping recover her and the warm weather in general was something that we are going to see over the next several days. we have cloudy conditions right now but we will warm up this afternoon. those temperatures in the mid- to high 80s inland. around the bay we'll see temperatures in the 70s and at
6:38 am
the coast, where it's been overcast and cold, breaking into the low 60s today. gianna, how are the roads? >> unfortunately, kristy, traffic is stacking up on 880 due to this accident involving three vehicles, one vehicle stuck on its side. a live camera at 880 and you can see some activity there in the distance. they have the two right lanes shut down. they have the left lane closed. they cleared that one out of the -- that vehicle out of lanes. but again two vehicles still remain in the two right lanes so slow and go through there. 29 minutes to go north 880 from 238 to the maze. i'll show you on our map how bad the backup is. you're backed up to the marina at this point according to kcbs our radio partners, if not beyond that. back to you. >> thank you. a bay area lawmaker is leading a push to block pay raising for public university administrators during touch economic times. state senator leland yee of san francisco has introduced a bill
6:39 am
to prohibit executive pay increases in years when the state doesn't raise its allocation to the schools. this year california slashed $650 million from the uc and the csu systems and while tuition is going up for students. several top executives are still getting large raises. the largest private employer in san jose says that it's going to cut thousands of jobs. kcbs radio's matt bigler joins us live by phone with details on the downsizing at cisco systems. not good news this morning, matt. >> reporter: no, not good at all. the announcement came out yesterday from cisco. 6500 jobs are being eliminated. it's the biggest round of job cuts at cisco since the dot-com downturn in 2001. that said not a big surprise. there have been reports that cisco would be cutting anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 jobs so it's somewhere on the low end of that. the big people are asking this morning, are these layoffs a
6:40 am
reflection of the larger economy? that's a question for economists. but there is another big jobs story this morning i want to tell you about. a new survey by nova finds that silicon valley employers are expecting 15% job growth over the next two years. companies are especially interested in top talents in the fields of mobile computing, social media, cloud computing. so these layoffs at cisco would seem to be somewhat isolated. the company has had a rough year with profits down, stock price beaten way down. i did talk to one cisco contractor this morning who said that the mood at the company is surprisingly upbeat. lots of employees are excited about the future of cisco and what he said was refocusing on the core business which in the past was on networking equipment not so much on consumer products that have recently been shut down at cisco. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. 6:40. as the new school year approaches, amazon is stepping in.
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the second time this month. you what you are looking at is a dust storm that clouded the phoenix area for a second time in a month. the visibility terrible out there. this cloud was about 3,000 feet high with 40-mile-per-hour winds. this is called a haboob. it's a phenomenon that happens only in arizona, the sahara desert and the parts of the middle east where the land is dry and sandy. a haboob, did we know about this. let's talk to kristy, have you ever heard of this phenomenon? >> i have not heard of a haboob and it is catching my attention every time you say it i'm not goinglie. [ laughter ] >> gorgeous weather in store today, blue already at mount vaca.
6:45 am
blue skies already at mount vaca. but in the morning cloud cover, clear inland but lots of clouds around the bay and at the coast, foggy at the coast. warming up this afternoon, high 80s inland. around the bay temperatures in the mid-50s. coast in the 60s. we are going to get sunshine everywhere even at the coast but just a little more cloud cover there. so this area of low pressure that's been keeping us cool that's going to be out the door soon as this high pressure builds in bringing us those warmer temperatures. that's what's been giving us the -- the rest of the country really high temperatures. no heat advisories in the bay area but we'll be climbing degree by degree for the next couple of days. sacramento sunshine and topping out at 88 today. 94 fresno, 86 yosemite, 68 monterey, no showers in northern california. we saw some sprinkles there yesterday.
6:46 am
high today 84 in concord and 58 livermore. oakland -- 85 livermore, oakland 74. san francisco 70. temperatures continue to climb wednesday and thursday breaking into low 90s inland and then friday and saturday, a little bit of a cooldown, start of next workweek looking nice, temperatures in the warmest spots in the high 80s. that's the forecast. gianna any better news on the roads? >> actually i do have some good news. we were monitoring this accident along 880. we'll take i live now to one of our cameras. north 880 at 98th involving an overturned vehicle and two separate vehicles. they had one left lane and two right lanes closed. they just re-opened all lanes and as you can see, traffic is now flowing through all lanes of 880. unfortunately, though, we have been watching our travel times inch up. it's still slow and go. the damage is done north 880, 30 minutes from 238 to the maze and you can see traffic backed up beyond 238 at this point so you will need extra time either way. over to the 92. if you are heading to the san mateo bridge, so far, so good no delays to report both
6:47 am
directions clear between hayward and foster city. if you are taking 101 through the peninsula, traffic looks nice this morning. towards the central freeway extra volume but so far speeds looking good in and out of san francisco along 101. 280 no problems along the peninsula. chp clearing an accident northbound 87 at curtner. they just wrapped up everything from the off-ramp. everything is out of lanes but you can see some yellow and red here on the sensors so guadalupe parkway a little sluggish through there this morning. elsewhere though the rest of the south bay not doing too badly as far as accidents go but we are starting to see that morning commute heat up as you work your way 880/237 connector. west 80 at meridien, the accident has been there for an hour. everything on the right shoulder. traffic still slow and go approaching the scene. heading towards the bay bridge, looks like we are seeing delays as well as you approach the toll plaza. going to be sluggish across the upper deck into treasure island. and antioch slow and go westbound 4 from hillcrest to loveridge. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm.
6:48 am
that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. a well-known east bay company we have all heard of says no to a takeover bid. here now is jason brooks with kcbs and good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. clorox putting the kabosh on carl icahn's $10.2 billion offer to take the company private. a lot of observers felt that icahn's main move in doing this was to try to create a bidding war that would increase the share of clorox. the share value of clorox. icahn after all did buy a 9.4% stake in the company last december. he is the largest individual shareholder. in his takeover letter he suggested that the company seek other bids. no bidders stepped forward though and the board said that the bid by icahn severely undervalued color red sox. a busy day for earnings. bank of america, goldman sachs
6:49 am
and wells fargo. wells fargo saw 30% jump in profits in the 2nd quarter to $3.73 billion. revenue down about 5% just under $20.4 billion. its profit really got a boost with the release of $1 billion in reserves that were initially set aside to cover bad loans. but the bank says its loan portfolios are doing better so that's a good sign that wells fargo may at least be beyond the worst part of the mortgage crisis. its shares are heading higher off that report. right now wells fargo is up about 2%. stocks overall coming back after a rough day yesterday. the dow gaining 114 points right now. the nasdaq is up by 42. and the s&p is gaining 11. >> big swing on the dow. all right. that's good. >> reporter: no kidding. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and it's never too early to start thinking about the
6:50 am
upcoming school year. amazon wants to help students out. cnet editor-at-large brian cooley joins us. i'm sure amazon wants to profit in this, too. >> a little bit of that, too, grace. so what they have done is for the first time they have textbooks in the kindle bookstore. we're talking about electronic textbooks. you can save a ton of money. look at the screen here what their store looks like. there it is in bold. up to 80% with kindle textbook rentals, up to 80%. not all are that cheap. they have 30,000 tight unless there that are textbooks and what -- 30,000 titles in there that are textbooks and what do you is rent th title. they will show you the price on the left, rent from $17 or buy it for $45. big difference. >> huge. >> but you have to decide how long you want to rent it for. you can use it on your kendallle and all your different devices with a kindle app so you get multiple virtual devices. there is a calendar you use which we have a shot of and you start to pick out how long you want to go. i ran it out for a very long
6:51 am
time and the price goes up depending how high you go with the rental. so you have to kind of buy how much of the usage you want not just buy the book per se. >> and you have to decide up front how long or -- >> you can extend it after it expires up to a day at a time so if you are sit there is with a book and it's running out right before a test you have to take, you can add a couple of days to cram. and it's really cheap. just add i couple quick days doesn't cost much. what amazon is doing it trying to get people to just use books without having to buy them and then students are always selling them back at the end of the year, taking a bath. it's a very interesting idea because it works on many places in campus on all the students' devices. their kindles, laptops, their tablet, ipad what have you. it's wherever you need it. it's better than a physical book that's heavy. it has some benefits but you get to see if your students' books are on there. it's not every textbook yet. >> that's interesting. also we were talking about
6:52 am
this, too, the whole rental book system you're saying that maybe some schools would be resistant to this idea. they wouldn't help amazon. >> bookstores can be a profit center for many schools. they typically own that real estate where the student bookstore s they don't want it to go out of business. it makes money for them. so they may not be crazy about the idea and the universities and the textbook companies are real tight. >> looking at where borders is today -- >> right. >> this seems like -- >> this is destiny you would think, right? one other note to give you, you can take notes in these amazon kindle books. you can highlight things and make notes. even when your book rental expires, you still have access to your notes. they don't go away together. >> times have changed since we were in school. >> a lot. >> thank you, cnet editor-at- large brian cooley. that missing windsurfer has been found alive after spending 13 hours in the san francisco bay. we are going to have the latest on her condition when we come back. plus, is bart a lot bigger than his -- his bark is bigger
6:53 am
than his bite. how a chihauhau scared off a pair of robbers, all 10 pounds of him. ,, ,,,, i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here --
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to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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[ male announcer ] who's your car's best friend? gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. was missing in the bay waters all night has been found alive and in found alive and in good condition. updating our top story, the wind surfer who was missing in bay area waters all night long
6:56 am
has now been found alive and she is in good condition. the 62-year-old went into the water at coyote point at 5 p.m. yesterday. she didn't return by 7:00 so her husband called 911. a coast guard helicopter and two cutters searched the bay all night long and just about an hour ago, they found her north of the san mateo bridge. now, we mentioned she spent 13 hours in the water and she managed to survive by wearing a wet suit and flotation device. we also hear that the waters were warm, the waves were calm, and that also helped. she was just taken to a nearby hospital. so we'll have much more in our next update at 7:25. police chief greg suhr is one of the san francisco officials planning a town hall meeting in the bayview district tomorrow evening to talk about last weekend's shooting in which a 19-year-old from seattle was shot and killed. police say that they have proof
6:57 am
that the teenager fired at them first. they have recovered a gun but they don't know yet if it belonged to the suspect who was shot. they will be doing forensic tests. media mogul rupert murdock and his son james are before the british parliament right now. you are looking at live pictures. they are on the hot seat answering lawmakers' questions about the phone hacking scandal. this has plagued the family's news corp. empire. james murdoch has apologized for the incidents and said that the company acted as swiftly and transparently as possible. the father said, today is the most humble day in my life. earlier the ceo of the newspaper rebekah brooks who since resigned will also be questioned. 6:57. before we go we want to get a check of our traffic and weather. kristy, warming up today, looking forward to a little sunshine in the afternoon. >> absolutely as are a lot of people waiting for the sun for a while. cloudy last week, plenty of sunshine this week. temperatures warming up
6:58 am
actually night 90s by tomorrow. today getting into the high 80s and we continue with that warming trend of the next couple of days, slight cooldown for the end of the workweek and next week should be beautiful. a little cooler in the high 80s. dodgers taking on the giants tonight. it's not going to be warm by any means, only 62 at the game tonight. clear skies though so definitely take a jacket heading out. beautiful shot with clear skies. get outside and enjoy the sunset. this is a photo sent to us. to share pictures, send them to us at gianna, how are the roads looking? >> it's busy. we're in full swing of our morning commute especially at the bay bridge. metering lights have been turned on and there is a backup at the toll plaza to west grand. slow off the eastshore freeway as well at least out of emeryville. so business as usual through there. the better news once you get on the upper deck past treasure island traffic moves well into san francisco and no troubles out of san francisco into oakland right now. oakland itself north 880 at 98th this accident completely cleared out of lanes over to the right shoulder but check this out.
6:59 am
we are still dealing with a pretty substantial backup. it looks like it begins just before 238 continues all the way to where this accident is. delays of over 30 minutes now to make your way through portion of the freeway. once you hit the maze, traffic looks good. it gets slow towards west grand. that's a look at traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 6:59. for all of you out there who think smalls dogs yap and don't protect you this could change your mind. meet paco a chihauhau who lives in los angeles county. this is surveillance video from last week when two hoodlums tried to rob the altadina smoke shop. paco kept barking and biting at the robbers and eventually scared them off. >> i was shocked pause normally he's really laid back. he is just sitting back taking it easy. so i finally said to him, he told his owner, i said hey, he finally earned his keep. you


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